Sites of Inspiration!

Sites of Inspiration is a favorite for Alan. These are sites that look great and might be advanced in design and development.





We started Strideline as two teenagers in high school with barely any money obsessed with making a premium product that everyone would love. Our obsession turned into focusing on solely making the most comfortable socks on earth. So comfortable that if you don’t think these are the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn, we’ll refund you.  

Donald Steiny Consulting and Coaching

Donald Steiny Consulting and Coaching


I provide experienced, expert coaching that will help you overcome self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, sleeplessness and achieve what you are looking for in life. I don’t do it by telling you what to do, I do it by helping you rediscover the resources you already have and rediscover your inner power.
I also provide groups sessions that do teach you new skills that allow you to be more persuasive, a better communicator, luckier, and a better leader.


Donald-Steiny-Consulting and

Gott’s Roadside

This is a great website. One is that Gott’s Roadside in Palo Alto is such a great place with a great menu! This includes great people and great service. The website is simple with all the essential information readily available. View at